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Dental Clinic Raleigh, NC, offers a wide range of quality dental care services for the whole family. From regular dental checkups to restorative and cosmetic treatment procedures, you’ll find the best dentist in Raleigh, NC. Considerably we have affordable dentist Raleigh, NC, cause we provide comprehensive dental care solutions with TLC - Tender Loving Care. Let us learn about the primary and significant character in any dental clinic, the dentist.

Dentists are medical practitioners specializing in oral health. They diagnose Illnesses of the mouth, work to prevent oral diseases and advance oral health, and they generate treatment plan of action to maintain and restore patient’s oral health. Know these different types of dentists:

1. General Dentists - They earn their credentials with three or more years of undergraduate course and four years of proper dental studies. Classified into these two:

  • DDS,  Doctor of Dental Surgery
  • DMD, Doctor of Dental Medicine

Both are the same; the title differs mainly because of the university they attended and how they recognize the profession. Both tend to the fundamental oral health and care; diagnosis and treatment of an oral condition from preventive care to gum disease, cavities, root canal, tooth extraction, crowns, and bridges are the essential procedures they carry out so with Dental Clinic Raleigh, NC. Dental specialists do more complex oral treatments.

Dental Clinic Raleigh NC

2. Dental Specialists - General dentist, sometimes refers oral health needs as required to a dental specialist. An additional two to four years of study and training in a specified field of dentistry is focused.

Common types of dental specialists are:

  • Orthodontists - A general dentist refers a client to an orthodontist for jaw and teeth misalignments. An Orthodontist will remedy extra teeth, missing teeth, and crowded teeth with various approaches like retainers, braces, and Invisalign.
  • Pediatric Dentist - This type works exclusively with children, also called Pedodontist. They go through additional training focused on creating a positive rapport with the children; supplementary studies in child psychology.
  • Oral Surgeon - They are specialists on oral surgical treatments and procedures; treat oral diseases, injuries, and function concerns by doing dental implants, removing wisdom teeth, removing suspicious growths in the mouth, and referring it for biopsy. To ensure the comfort of the patient during these procedures, oral surgeons have further anesthesiology training.
  • Endodontist - “Endodontic” comes from the Greek terms “endo” means “inside” and “odont” means “tooth.”  With added training, they treat patients with tooth pain and save the natural teeth by doing a root canal, treating infected tissues within a tooth.
  • Periodontist - Periodontists focus on caring for the gum and the supporting tissues and structures of the teeth; a periodontist is another type of dental specialist. Patients with advanced periodontal or gum disease are referred to a periodontist who also has enhanced dental implant training.
  • Prosthodontist - They are dental specialist that help patients restore or replace a damaged or lost teeth. Gearing towards helping the patient achieve a natural-looking and functional smile, a prosthodontist performs dental implants, bridges, and dentures.

Knowing that these different dentists acquire added training and studies will give us ideas and confidence in choosing which ones to approach. Dental Clinic Raleigh, NC general dentists and dental specialists have passed rigorous written national examinations and state and r regional clinical exams for them to practice. On top of that, they have to undergo continuing education training to keep them updated in the scientific and clinical developments and keep their license active.

Dental Clinic Raleigh, NC aims to provide the top dental services by having the best dentist in Raleigh, NC. With a comprehensive care approach, we position affordable dentist Raleigh, NC, to provide complete dental care to please your general or specific needs with gentle TLC (tender loving care).

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