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What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is dental procedures to improve your teeth and smile’s appearance. It mainly enhances your oral aesthetics by lightening, straightening, reshaping, repairing, or replacing teeth. Cosmetic Dentistry Raleigh NC has a handful of experiences and vast knowledge to perform well in cosmetic dentistry. We ensure our patients that they can have that perfect smile that they have been dreaming of.

Types Of Cosmetic Dentistry

There are different types of cosmetic dentistry, but that does not mean you can choose any type. It will depend on some factors. Cosmetic Dentistry Raleigh NC prepared a list for you of the types of cosmetic dentistry, with their factors, below:

  • Tooth Whitening. It is the most common procedure in cosmetic dentistry. This treatment is usually given to people who have discolored teeth.
  • Tooth Reshaping. This treatment is done to change the physical attributes of the tooth, such as shape, length, or position.
  • Dental Bridge. It is a permanent fix to replace your missing teeth. Dental Bridge Raleigh applies a dental bridge to your teeth to make your smile complete.
  • Dental Veneers. This covers the front part of your teeth to fix chips.
  • Dental Implants. A titanium tooth-like to replace the missing tooth. It is inserted into the root.
  • Tooth Bonding. The procedure is done using an enamel-like material; and mold it then harden it after it is placed on the tooth that needs fixing. It is used to repair cracks and decayed teeth. Tooth Bonding Raleigh offers the best tooth bonding service to have that great smile.
Cosmetic Dentistry Raleigh NC

The Benefits Of Cosmetic Dentistry

The first thing that people see is your smile, as it may leave meaningful impressions on people. There are many benefits why we need to consider having cosmetic dentistry. We have listed some of them below:

  • Enhanced Smile. It improves your smile a lot and would leave a positive impact on people that you meet or talk to.
  • Whiter Teeth. Imagine that you have to attend an important function, then you realized that you have stained teeth. Keeping your teeth white is a good sign of good oral hygiene.
  • Younger Looks. Discoloration of teeth is connected to signs of aging. Preventing it can make you look younger.
  • Career Enhancement. Having a nice smile can help you land that job that you have been applying for. Studies show that smiling has a big impact on the hiring process.
  • Preventive Measure. Some dental procedures can help avoid your teeth from getting damaged.
  • Confidence Booster. You will not be ashamed to smile anymore because you have that perfect smile.

People can get more benefits from cosmetic dentistry, and these are just some of the essential ones. Having a perfect smile can give you more than what you want.

What To Expect

Before going to the dentist, make sure that you already have a goal for your teeth; it may be to whiten it, crowning, or any of the procedures. Once you have a clear goal, you can discuss it with our dentist. The dentist will also tell you your options. When the procedure is decided, the dentist will examine your mouth and take a dental x-ray. From there, our dentist will provide you the best cosmetic dentistry service. Before you leave with a great smile, our dentist will give tips on how to take care of your new smile.

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Having a great smile is an essential part of our lives. We need to make sure that we wear the best smile to leave good impressions on people. Contact Cosmetic Dentistry Raleigh NC, to give your smile a makeover that will intensify your impact on people.

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