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What is Dental emergency Raleigh, NC?

Dental emergency Raleigh, NC are severe cases involving the teeth and supporting tissues that require immediate treatment by the designated professional. Dental emergencies may not always be accompanied by pain, but there are common signals that suggest urgent dental care; issues and injuries that can be life-threatening, such as:

  • Gum or oral tissue bleeding that needs to stop
  • Extreme pain needing relief
  • A grave infection like cellulitis or a diffuse soft-tissue bacterial infection inclusive of  intraoral or extraoral swelling can block a  patient’s airway
  • facial bones trauma that can obstruct the patient’s airway.
Dental Emergency Raleigh NC

List of urgent dental care Raleigh cases for treatment ( treat minimally invasive as possible) include:

  • Extreme dental pain caused by pulpal inflammation (involving the pulp that contains blood vessels, connective tissue, and nerves found inside the tooth, supply the tooth nutrients).
  • Pericoronitis,  third-molar, or wisdom tooth pain.
  • Surgical postoperative osteitis or inflammation of the bone like in the cases of dry socket dressing changes.
  • Localized pain and swelling due to localized bacterial infection or pustules and abscess.
  • Soft tissue trauma and pain resulting from tooth fracture.
  • Dental trauma with avulsion/luxation (tearing away of a body part accidentally or surgically)
  • Dental treatment cementation, in cases of torn restorations, off-tracked, or causing gingival irritation.
Dental Emergency Raleigh NC

Added list of dental emergencies needing  24-hour dentist Raleigh, NC:

  • Knocked out tooth
  • defective restorations causing pain
  • suture removal
  • denture adjustments on radiation/oncology patients
  • denture adjustments or repairs when function impeded
  • Temporary filling replacement of endo access openings for patients who are experiencing pain
  • snipping or adjustments of an orthodontic wire or appliances pierced on the oral mucosa; causing ulcerations
  • Possible  broken jaw
  • Bitten tongue or lip where after cleaning and cold compress, bleeding does not stop.

What To Do In A Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies should be given urgent dental care Raleigh; acquiring an emergency dental appointment in 30 minutes can spell the difference between saving or losing your teeth. Ordinarily, one needs to make an appointment reservation during business hours, even for emergency dental cases. Thoroughly explain the condition to the staff so they can set your appointment immediately for the dental emergency Raleigh, NC.

Some simple pointers in dealing with dental emergencies include staying calm. For cuts, clean the area gently; applying cold compresses to reduce any swelling and lessen the pain; if your permanent tooth is accidentally knocked out due to trauma or sports injury, do not panic. Rapid and effective management of the avulsed tooth within the first 20 to 40 minutes can spell the difference between saving or losing the tooth. Learning and applying basic dental first aid can be an advantage. Immediately get to a 24-hour dentist Raleigh, NC.

How to prevent a dental emergency?

Simple precautions can help avoid particular tooth and oral injuries. During sport or fun and play activities, always wear a tailor-made mouthguard designed and fitted by a dentist. Always use scissors instead of your teeth when opening a bag of chips or other plastic containers of food products. Try not to chew on hard objects like ice, nuts, bagels, or other hard-to-bite and chew foods.

Unforeseen dental emergencies happen and usually in the most unguarded time and even place. It is always wise to keep your calm. Having a calm and rational response to dental emergencies can prevent further and permanent damage and can even save a tooth. For any dental emergency Raleigh, NC concerns, contact us as soon as possible. Dental emergency treatment is just one of the many dental and oral services we offer.

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